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Do you do steam or dry cleaning?

In almost all cases your carpets will be steam cleaned. For some commercial carpets I also offer encapsulation/bonnet cleaning as an option. For heavily soiled carpets I also offer dual method cleaning, this is a process where carpets are first steam cleaned then immediately after run over with a dry bonnet to remove more soil, speed dry times, and stop spots from rapidly returning in problem areas.

How long will my carpet take to dry?

Normal dry time is two to four hours, some carpets are dry in as little as a half hour. For areas that require heavy deoderizing or a deep restorative cleaning dry times may be extended but I carry large fans on the truck to speed up the drying process.

Is the work guaranteed?

Absolutely! All jobs come with a thirty day guarantee on recurring spots and stains with the exception of things pointed out in the pre-cleaning inspection, nobody's perfect but I go out of the way to make sure the job is done right the first time! If for any reason you're unhappy with the work please don't hesitate to let me know so the problem can be fixed asap.

Are the chemicals you use safe for kids and pets?

Yes, chemicals used on your carpets and upholstery are safe and biodegradeable, but it is recommended that kids and pets are kept off freshly cleaned areas until dry. Some sealers and cleaners used for stone and tile cleaning can be harmful but are not harmful once they're rinsed away or dry. All wood, laminate, vinyl and linoleum floors are also cleaned with biodegradeable chemicals.

Do you cover hard surfaces prior to cleaning so you don't scratch my floors and baseboards?

Yes! All corners are protected with plastic corner guards and delicate floors are covered with cloth tarps to protect from overspray and scratches. When hoses are run upstairs they are held in place with a rubber coated hook to prevent damage to stair rails.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, I am licensed and carry a liability insurance policy that covers my work in your home and area rugs that are taken for in plant cleaning as well. License and insurance info available by request.

What is power scrubbing ?

Power scrubbing is using a 110 pound floor machine to agitate deeply embedded soils prior to the extraction process or to scrub an encapsulation chemical into commercial carpeting prior to bonnet cleaning. It can also be used to remove a recurring spot by treating it with an encapsulating spotter and scrubbing it in. 

What is rotary cleaning?

Rotary cleaning is using a tool with multiple extraction heads that simultaneusly sprays, scrubs and sucks at the same time to flush far more soil out of the carpet than traditional wand cleaning because it cleans fibers from all directions instead of two, it's the ultimate way to clean your carpets when they're heavily soiled! This type of cleaning is not necessary for lightly soiled carpets.

What is flood washing for residential carpet?

Flood washing is a process used to remove deeply embedded pet odors from the carpets in your home. First , the pad is  removed along with damaged tack strip, then the walls are protected with plastic and a special blend of enzymes and oxidiizers is poured over affected areas and allowed to dwell for thirty minutes . Then the carpet is extracted and rinsed on both sides , this process is repeated until as much of the odor as possible is removed. The carpets are then dried with powerful fans . The subfloor is coated with a special polymer coating , the tack strip and  pad are replaced and the carpet is reinstalled. This is a two day process.

What is flood washing for area rugs?

For heavily soiled  or urine damaged rugs, after thourogh vacuuming your rugs are flushed with water repeatedly, then treated with special chemicals and left to soak for at least 24 hours to break down urine deposits and flooded again with water, extracted, and cleaned using special rug shampoo that will not damage the fibers, leaving them soft , bright , and fresh smelling again! This is an in plant process.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Carpet manufacturers require cleaning every 12 to 24 months to maintain your warranty. I recommend cleaning at least within that time period , especially in high traffic areas because excessive soil build up degrades your carpets much faster and requires far more aggressive cleaning methods to get them clean. On stain resistant carpets the more aggressive cleaning as well as excessive soil build up removes the factory stain protection you paid good money for!

Why should I have protection applied to my carpets after cleaning?

For stain resistant nylon applying protection both maintains your warranty and makes the fibers far easier to keep clean as well as promote easier spot removal between cleanings. Some other fibers such as Triexta and wool can also benefit from applying protection after cleaning , protection for olefin and polyester carpeting is not necessary as these fibers are fully stain resistant already.

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